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Science and Artwork Satisfy at Artience

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Right here are republishing some of the student-submitted posts that could be greatest procedures. This article was composed by Spencer Lee, who was attending Seoul Overseas School (SFS) in 2017. He is now attending Harvard University in the United States.― ED.

Spencer Lee


Presently in Korean modern society, students, mothers and fathers and lecturers alike would think that the Arts and Sciences are two completely unique disciplines. The distinction is readily manufactured in Korea, and a lot of students work to the latter. Nevertheless, artwork and science have a fantastic deal in popular, and people today in the previous – Leonardo Da Vinci is the most renowned – have been incredible artists and scientists at the exact time. In truth, both of those science and artwork have to have a fantastic deal of creativeness. These days, lots of experts and artists are trying to unite these two seemingly diverse disciplines.

Artience – an event held in Daejeon, South Korea, now on its 7th year because starting up in 2010 – featured several galleries and exhibitions wherever artists and researchers came alongside one another to generate work that bundled quite a few things of science. It is a merchandise of collaboration involving the Daejeon Society and Arts Foundation and the Korea Investigate Institute of Requirements and Science (KRISS). Some scientists experienced distinct factors for becoming a member of the occasion, although other individuals were simply just intrigued by the thought. Both equally groups of individuals, nevertheless, have both an creative side and a scientific aspect.

Dr. Kim Ki-Woong is a scientist at KRISS whose get the job done entails research on ultra-minimal subject brain MRI, but he is also an artist. Dr. Kim talks about his exhibit, showcased in Artience 2017. His topic centered on how a trans-dimensional alien would have evolved on a earth that was similar to earth other than for dinosaurs not obtaining absent extinct. His paintings associated this theme and some featured aliens working with distinct technology, these as the technologically superior glasses in his piece 2nd Harmonic Crystal Glasses.

Dr. Kim Ki-Woong

Interview with Dr. Kim Ki-Woong

Q: Do you believe that in aliens Or are you just working with the notion of aliens to create your artwork?
– For an actual “alien” with a personality to be capable to exist, quite a few coincidences – which includes temperature and geography – have to converge. As a result, the possibility of an precise “alien” current is quite, quite trim.

Q: In the portray Next Harmonic Crystal Eyeglasses, what does the impression within the alien figure symbolize Is this what the alien is viewing or is it what it is imagining
– In order for the alien to management the night time (in which the dinosaurs are sleeping), the alien progressed so it could see infrared mild. Hence, it can see usually even in the day when it wears the eyeglasses that it invented, which can modify ultraviolet and “visible” light into infrared gentle.

Q: Do such glasses – eyeglasses that can improve infrared light-weight into obvious light-weight – exist (The next harmonic eyeglasses)
– Of training course, these kinds of glasses do not exist in our environment. You can adjust infrared gentle into seen light-weight. Having said that, we have not however found out a way to change noticeable light-weight into infrared light-weight.

Q: What enthusiastic you to get started discussions with artists and sign up for Artience?
– I started off around in 2013. I was requested to be a part of when the Daejeon Culture and Arts Basis and Korea Investigation Institute of Requirements and Science resolved to do a collaboration, and they assumed that the mind-similar sciences and visual arts have been similar. It seemed appealing, and I have been doing it ever because.

Q: This year’s theme for Artience concentrated on aliens – what made you and the other artists make a decision on this concept
– The artists had been concentrating on time, place and evolution, and they wished to try out out the notion of aliens. When they have been on the lookout for experts who required to consider out this subject, I took it simply because it appeared intriguing.

Q: Historical art and science went collectively in several methods for hundreds of yrs, and several people– such as Leonardo da Vinci – were the two. What are your viewpoints on this in Korean modern society today?
– Because both equally science and artwork include applying your brain to build anything or to provide something in your head to lifetime, it generally employs the very same information and facts. You’re generally expressing oneself as a result of your mind. As a scientist, I am intrigued in making unique theories and the necessary devices to check them and I feel artwork is the exact same point. Artists can be valuable to scientists, while researchers can be practical to artists as nicely.

Q: You are passionate in both science and the visual arts – how does your creative side aid you in your science Has your analysis benefitted from your artwork?
– When I consider about “what system ought to I use,” as a starting place, I see a important amount of money of prevalent ground concerning the two. In essence, there is practically no variance in the believed course of action of what methods to use, and in screening and studying.

Q: Has your research been the inspiration for your artwork?
– Certainly. In relation to the cognitive sciences, the problem of how an “intelligent alien” would evolve on a earth that is equivalent to earth – nonetheless without having dinosaurs acquiring gone extinct – enthusiastic me a good deal.

By Spencer Lee, Seoul International College (SFS). He is now attending Harvard University in the United States.

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