June 21, 2024


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IAM adds educational indicators in parks, gardens and trails to advertise popular science instruction

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MACAU, December 29 – Parks, gardens and trails are superior places for the community to go to for rest all through the holidays. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) consistently encourages well known science info about environmental protection and ecology. In the latest decades, IAM has successively released the optimisation work of well known science enlightening signals. In 2023, about 100 common science useful signs ended up mounted and optimised in numerous trails and parks. In the fourth quarter, extra than 10 periods of promotional and instructional actions on mountain forest restoration had been held.

About 100 preferred science insightful indicators had been included and optimised this yr in 7 trails and 19 parks, such as Hac Sá Reservoir Household Path, Hac Sá Reservoir Physical fitness Trail, Hac Sá Very long Chao Kok Coastal Trail, Morro de Hac Sá Family members Path, Taipa Pequena 2000 Circuit, Central da Taipa Park, Flower Town Park, etcetera. The contents of the enlightening indications incorporate the maps of the parks and trails, expertise about the flora and fauna, information about mountain forest restoration, tips for mountaineering, etc., so that the general public and visitors can superior realize the greening ailment in Macao and their person encounter can be improved when they use the facilities.

In addition, IAM held extra than 10 classes of promotional and instructional activities on mountain forest restoration in the fourth quarter of this 12 months. These activities include devoted seminars to introduce the perform and achievements of mountain forest restoration to associations and the community, guided tours on mountain restoration to guide the community on visits to trails so that they can knowledge the achievements of the mountain forest restoration in person and master about applicable common science data, as perfectly as roving exhibitions in communities with 3D informative installations about conservation of historical trees and mountain forest restoration established up in 8 parks and leisure spots, so as to have out advertising and teach the public.

IAM raises the regular of greening in the city by “filling in gaps and improving upon quality”. IAM continuously carries out get the job done to raise the location and enhances the high quality of environmentally friendly regions in the city as the 3-yr greening optimisation program is carried out from 2022 to 2024. In the meantime, common science informative signals on ecology are also put in in inexperienced services to reinforce well-liked science instruction. The installation and optimisation of about 100 well-known science insightful indications have been planned for future 12 months, involving various trails, parks and gardens, these as Coloane Trail, Lou Lim Ioc Park, Mount Fortress Park, Vitória Backyard, and so on.

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